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Appraisals at Tri-State Auction Gallery
Tri-State Auction Gallery of NJ offers a complete Appraisal Service for all your collectibles, antiques, auction goods, jewelry, fine art and more. Our Certified Appraisers at Tri-State Auction Gallery have the ability to respond quickly to your individual or estate appraisal needs. Just a few minute drive form NYC and most of New Jersey, Tri-State Auction Gallery appraisers can provide complimentary pre-auction consultation or complete, written appraisals for a wide range of items and purposes.

Whether you are a private individual needing an appraisal for insurance purposes, an auction, an investment, a bank needing an appraisal, or an estate executor or a representative of an institution or business needing multiple appraisals, we can customize our appraisal services to meet any of your needs.

Our appraisers are all professional, knowledgeable and very thorough. The knowledge possessed by our full-time staff of appraisers is enhanced by the relationships we have forged with some of the top experts throughout the United States. This provides us with the ability to evaluate and market everything from collectibles to jewelry, furniture, fine art, paintings, and antiques.

The U.S as well as the world’s political stability and upcoming elections likely have an affect who is buying and selling their jewelry, antiques and fine art.Tri-State Auction Gallery appraisers take all things into account when appraising yours or your clients Collectibles, Antique, Jewelry or Fine Art.

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